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European Development Agency-Bulgaria is a non for profit, non-governmental institution founded on the principle of partnership. EDA is focusing on achieving improved quality education, social and economic development as well as activities in the tourism field and regional development.

The organization is a voluntary integration of individuals working in the fields of science, public relations, and education, which is based on the interest of the founders and our willingness for incorporating our efforts in the fields stated in our program.


Our primary aims are:

  • Creating favourable circumstances for developing , evaluating and expert analysis for projects in relation to educational issues, social and regional development as well as tourism in the country, the Balkans and worldwide.
  • Supporting government and public structures for approving existing good education practices, social and economic development and tourism activities.
  • Supporting the development and laying down good standards in conducting social, economic, and regional development nationwide, whilst supporting the field’s specialists at the same time.
  • Supporting Bulgaria and the Balkans’ stable development.
  • Supporting and developing mental values, education, science, culture, new technologies and physical education.
  • Providing services to SMEs in relation to start-up of businesses and business development
  • Protecting free market and private property’s principles encourage entrepreneurs and business initiative in Bulgaria including female entrepreneurs.
  • Improving quality of life for Bulgarian people through better human recourses, reaching high employment levels, including education, creating new job opportunities, access to quality education and learning through life programs, as well as easier social integration.
  • Supporting local human potential needed for the creation and realization of   energy efficiency programs.
  • Establishing international contacts with similar organizations throughout the EU and other countries.
  • Building up partnerships and networking
  • Promotion and involvement of Bulgarian stakeholders in international co-operations 

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